Timber Casement Windows and Doors

Choosing timber casement windows and doors offers a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern versatility. 

Timeless Elegance with Timber Casement Windows and Doors

Watch the transformation of your space as it radiates with the timeless allure and sophistication that only hardwood sash windows from The Belgravia Group can provide. Elevate your surroundings to a level where classic design meets contemporary living with the seamless fusion of beauty and functionality.

For the Most Versatile Spaces

These windows can be tailored to suit a multitude of styles, from small pane Georgian and leaded lights to Craft and minimalistic Contemporary designs. Available in both standard and flush frames, they provide the flexibility to match any architectural preference. The versatile and customisable options include outward opening, side hung, top hung, and fixed units, ensuring that no matter the design requirement, there is a perfect solution. Traditional windows can be fitted on butt hinges and used in conjunction with casement stays, while scissor hinges offer a more modern alternative, holding the window securely with friction.

The range of timber casement windows and doors is designed to seamlessly blend together, allowing for a wide range of arrangements. French doors and single doors are available in both inward and outward opening configurations, with standard door thresholds, and large size doors incorporate heavy-duty hinges for enhanced durability. Glass options include single, slim double, and standard double and triple glazing, making this product a universal solution for all projects. 

Crafted from engineered hardwood such as Meranti, which offers excellent dimensional stability and resistance to warping, these windows and doors are designed to withstand the moisture-rich environment of the UK. Additionally, options like Accoya, Oak, and Scandinavian pine provide further customisation, ensuring a perfect balance of quality, cost, and aesthetic appeal. For timeless elegance and robust performance, timber casement windows and doors are an exceptional choice.

The timber sash windows supplied by The Belgravia Group are not mere structural components; they are expressions of artistry and sophistication. Crafted from the finest hardwoods, each piece undergoes meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every grain and curve contributes to the overall sense of elegance. What’s more, The Belgravia Group sources their timber responsibly, ensuring that the natural beauty of the material is complemented by a dedication to preserving our planet.

Key Features and Specifications

Glass options available in single, slim double and standard double and triple glazed making this product a universal solution for all project

Standard and flush frames for windows

PAS 24 with security hardware available

Our aluminium tilt and turn windows are easy to keep clean. Our experts will give you a tailored guide on how to clean and maintain your windows and doors upon installation. 

Why Choose Belgravia Custom Windows & Doors?

can be designed to match your existing windows

can include double or triple glazing

are perfect for listed buildings or conservation areas

can have a square or arched head as required

Why Choose Timber Casement Windows and Doors?

Here are just some of the advantages of choosing timber casement windows and doors with The Belgravia Group. 

Suit your home’s style

Can be tailored to suit a multitude of styles from small pane Georgian, leaded lights and Craft to minimalistic Contemporary

Customise your windows and doors

Versatile and customisable: available as outward opening, side hung, top hung, and fixed units

Built to last

Our classic range windows utilise double-glazed units and adhered glazing bars. This range is crafted from engineered hardwood, Meranti, providing a balance of quality and cost


Are you interested to discover more about our bespoke doors and windows? Below we expand on some frequently asked questions.

Our range of timber wooden doors and windows are all bespoke and made to order, crafted using time-honoured traditional techniques combined with modern state of the art technology. With years of experience in the supply and installation of timber framed windows and doors, we can offer a tailored service to each client.

The Belgravia Group provide a full design, manufacture and installation package to ensure your made-to-measure, custom timber windows and doors are expertly cared for at every stage of the project.

Have a question about our bespoke windows and doors?

At The Belgravia Group, we are known for our responsiveness to both designers and homeowners. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, ensuring they are delighted with the results of their bespoke timber windows and doors.

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