The timber windows and doors enhance a sense of classic and graceful design, and feature heavily on some of the most distinguished buildings in the UK. By choosing hardwood windows and doors from The Belgravia Group, you can achieve timeless elegance with modern performance.

Bespoke Timber Windows and Doors

At The Belgravia Group, we prioritise elegance and quality. With 20+ years of experience, we supply tailored bespoke timber glazing systems to enhance heritage and modern homes. Our approach combines traditional carpentry with modern design, specialising in custom timber framed windows, doors, and orangery extensions. We’re known for our dedication to hand-crafted timber glazing and responsiveness to designers and homeowners.

Why Choose Belgravia Custom Timber Windows & Doors?

  • can be designed to match your existing windows
  • can include double or triple glazing
  • are perfect for listed buildings or conservation areas
  • can have a square or arched head as required
Beauty & Practicality
Engineered Hardwood
Exotic hardwood species that boast impressive resistance against hard weather, shrinkage, bending and swelling. The surface of the wood is exceptionally elegant and is often chosen for its beauty, it can look outstanding with just a transparent paint.
Reliability & Strength
An exceptional modified timber with Class 1 durability for integral strength and a fine textured surface for optimal coating absorption. The development of this wood has reduced shrinkage by 25% for improved stability and it possesses rot resistant properties for a strong barrier against the elements.
Tradition & Elegance
Known for its impressive strength and durability Oak creates long-lasting designs. The much-loved native British tree is renowned among British architecture and can still be seen in many heritage properties that’s survived for hundreds of years.

Glass Options

Our timber casement windows boast dual glazing as the standard configuration. The typical glazing features a 4mm toughened pane, accompanied by a 16mm argon gas fill and an additional 4mm toughened pane with a low e coating. This meticulous design yields remarkable insulation, enabling these windows to attain an impressive Ug value of 1.1 W/m²K. For even greater thermal efficiency, the option of triple glazing exists for these casement windows, applied as needed.

Furthermore, our array of glass possibilities extends beyond the conventional. This includes choices like solar control coatings, decorative glass, translucent glass, low iron glass, and low maintenance glass, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific preferences and requirements.


The ironmongery serves as the final touch that enhances the aesthetic of a timber window composition. We present a selection of both modern and traditional styles, allowing you to perfect your customised timber window. Ranging from sleek contemporary handles to timeless heritage designs, you have the opportunity to select a finish that seamlessly complements your architectural vision.

To explore the array of ironmongery choices for your specific project, we invite you to schedule an appointment at our showroom. This grants you the chance to personally examine and appreciate the available options first hand.




At The Belgravia Group we craft our bespoke timber sash windows using top-quality wood and time-tested carpentry techniques, ensuring lasting durability. Our innovative methods guarantee strong frames that enhance security.

Our timber sash windows feature toughened glass for superior glazing, complementing the strength of our wooden frames. The result is a product that seamlessly combines elegance and robustness.

As each product is tailored to your needs, we offer personalized security ratings. Feel free to contact our team for more details.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Long-lasting durability and easy upkeep is top of mind when we create our custom timber windows and doors. Our hardwood windows are designed for convenient cleaning – each window pane can be easily unclipped and tilted inwards, ideal for upper floors or hard-to-reach windows.

The maintenance needs of your timber window depend on the chosen timber type, finish, and installation environment. Find more details on maintenance in our ‘Timber Care’ section


“Thrilled with the Belgravia Group’s bespoke timber windows and doors! They expertly guided me to ideal solutions, enhancing my home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency. Seamless installation, exceeding expectations. My home feels cosier and more elegant, with noticeable energy savings. Highly recommend for top-notch timber products”.

Dean Hodges


Are you interested to discover more about our bespoke timber doors and windows? Below we expand on some frequently asked questions.

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