Apart from the breath-taking views, the charm of these minimal doors and windows lies in their remarkable adaptability. They can be intricately designed to match custom layouts and sizes, effortlessly fitting into any glazing project. This flexibility opens the door to creating large retractable skylights, expansive panoramic windows, and sleek indoor or outdoor sliding doors with minimalist frames, as well as a variety of other creative options.

Modern and Bespoke: Aluminium Windows and Doors

Elevate your living space with our cutting-edge ultra-slim bifolding and sliding doors, redefining the standards of contemporary living. Perfectly suited for expansive openings and extensive spans of sliding folding glass, these doors embody the essence of modern opulence.

Crafted from sleek aluminium frames, our slim bifolding and sliding doors harmoniously integrate with our diverse range of windows, creating a harmonized and cohesive exterior. From ingenious bi-parting configurations to ground-breaking corner-opening designs, the creative options are limitless, unrestricted by the number of folding panes.

These graceful aluminium bifold and sliding doors have sparked a revolution in architecture, gracing modern living areas where the unity between indoor and outdoor spaces is paramount. The infusion of slim square framing and a flawlessly flush floor connection dissolves the boundary between interiors and exteriors, offering an unparalleled fusion of inner sanctum and outer beauty.

Why Choose Belgravia Aluminium Windows & Doors?

  • can be designed to match your existing windows & doorways
  • can include double or triple glazing and cutting-edge glass technologies
  • are perfect for a stylish, modern finish, or to add a contemporary edge to traditional buildings.
  • can enhance living spaces through seamless indoor-outdoor transition.
Minimally Framed Sliding Glass Doors
Sliding Doors
Introducing our sleek sliding glass doors – a fusion of style and function for expansive openings. Our slim frames redefine minimalism, tailored to your project’s unique needs. In today’s architecture, windows shape spaces, extending seamlessly from floor to ceiling. Our minimal windows® system sets a new standard with PAS24 certification, adaptable for diverse projects. Embracing minimalism, our slim frames feature 20mm sightlines, achieved by blending insulated aluminium and premium structural glass. This synergy creates transparent, modern designs.
Bespoke Aluminium Bifold Doors
Bifold Doors
Step into a new realm of living – our cutting-edge ultra-slim bifolding doors seamlessly bridge indoor and outdoor realms. Ideal for expansive openings and extended stretches of sliding folding glass, these doors embody modern sophistication. Crafted from sleek aluminium frames, our slim bifolding doors seamlessly merge with surroundings, offering various configurations including bi-parting and corner-opening arrangements. Enjoy design freedom with limitless bi-folding pane options. Embraced by contemporary spaces, these slender bifold doors harmonise interiors with the outdoors. The integration of slim square framing and a flush floor finish fosters a smooth transition, erasing the indoor-outdoor boundary, creating a unified experience.
Slim Pivot Door
Pivot Doors
This sleek pivot door offers a wonderfully minimalist answer for your rear patio, balcony, or any indoor-outdoor transition. Its clean, uncluttered design, paired with expansive glass panels, adds a touch of sophistication to your project. Operating the pivot door is a breeze, characterised by its smooth and effortless motion. Embracing the principle that “more is more” when it comes to glass doors, this pivot system allows for the integration of impressively large glass panels. By incorporating oversized glass, you can easily transform significant portions of your building’s façade into dynamic, twisting and rotating expanses, creating expansive entrances that stretch vertically or horizontally.

Technical Glass Solutions

The Belgravia Group leads with advanced technical glass solutions that seamlessly integrate across various products. Their forward-looking approach aligns state-of-the-art glazing systems precisely with project needs.

Amid heightened environmental awareness, their solar control glass is a standout innovation. Beyond enhancing aesthetics, it dynamically shields against sunlight, boosting energy efficiency and reducing reliance on cooling systems, thereby lowering carbon impact.

Moreover, The Belgravia Group’s innovation extends to bird protection in expansive glass installations. Ingenious integration of markers and coatings showcases their commitment to ecological balance and holistic design, considering aesthetics and sustainability.

Amid evolving architectural landscapes, The Belgravia Group remains an innovation beacon, uniting functionality and style in technical glass solutions that reflect modern values of harmony between human needs, environment, and aesthetics.


Solar Controlled Glass

By incorporating Solar Control Coatings into your architectural glazing design, The Belgravia Group offers you the opportunity to:

Diminish Solar Heat Gain without compromising on light transmission and clarity. Cut down on cooling expenses within extensively glazed areas. Foster a pleasant indoor ambiance with sleek glass aesthetics. Applicable across a wide range of glass specifications and products. As the architectural landscape embraces expansive glass facades in both residential and commercial projects, coupled with advancements in glass thermal insulation, architects are increasingly integrating substantial glass elevations for a modern design language. Alongside employing low-emissivity coatings within insulated glass, The Belgravia Group suggests the inclusion of solar control coatings in the design process.


Aluminium Window Systems

Experience The Belgravia Group’s diverse array of state-of-the-art, contemporary window systems meticulously designed for the forefront of architectural excellence. From thermally insulated steel systems to the sleek elegance of minimal windows , our thoughtfully curated range redefines possibilities.

Reveal the potential of seamless windows with our revolutionary frameless structural glazing.  These frameless windows combine high-specification structural glass with our unique fixing system, facilitating the creation of windows in any desired size, shape, or design, all while adhering to the highest standards of modern ingenuity.



Frameless ‘Picture’ Windows

Introducing The Belgravia Group’s Frameless ‘Picture’ Windows For those seeking a window with no visible frame, the ‘Picture’ window is the top pick.

By using structural glass, we can create frameless windows that don’t require any movable parts. These special ‘Picture Windows’ can be designed without visible supports or attachments, resulting in a truly frameless window setup. These windows look stunning when made in large sizes, providing clear views of the beautiful surroundings without any obstructions.


“I am thrilled with my experience with The Belgravia Group. The sliding folding bifolds with minimal framing that I purchased are truly amazing. The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is impressive. The seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces that these doors provide is simply breath-taking. Roisin Holden”
Roisin Holden


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