Where our windows and doors company began

The Belgravia Group is a premier windows and doors company dedicated to enhancing your living spaces with modern elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. Our story began in 2011 when Mariusz and his wife Justyna founded a building and construction company that has since evolved into the dynamic enterprise you see today.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Mariusz has a deep-rooted passion for construction and glazing. As demand for our services grew, we opened a joinery in London, specialising in timber-framed glazing. To meet increasing demand, we moved our timber window and door fabrication to a workshop near the German border in Poland, where each piece is handmade with precision and care.

Expanding our aluminium glazing product range

Recognising the growing need for aluminium glazing, we expanded our product range to include high-quality aluminium windows and doors. We partnered with reputable factories across the UK and Europe to ensure we deliver exceptional products that meet our clients’ diverse needs.

Originally operating under the name Belgravia Hardwood, we rebranded to Belgravia Windows & Doors to reflect our broader product offering more accurately. In 2020, we consolidated our operations under the name The Belgravia Group, merging with the original construction company to form a unified brand known for excellence in the glazing industry.

Meet our windows and doors team

What truly sets The Belgravia Group apart is our exceptional on-site team. Many of our team members, including key figures like Karol and Bartek, have been with us since the inception of The Belgravia Group. Their extensive experience and dual expertise as both builders and window fitters enable them to handle complex installations and resolve any challenges that arise on-site efficiently. Our team’s dedication and skill make them our greatest asset, ensuring each project is completed to the highest standards.

Understanding our range of glazing solutions

At The Belgravia Group, we offer a diverse range of glazing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our products include:

  • Aluminium Windows and Doors: Combining strength and sleek aesthetics, our aluminium frames are perfect for modern architectural designs.
  • Timber Windows and Doors: Handcrafted in our Poland workshop, our timber products offer timeless beauty and exceptional durability.
  • Structural Glazing: Transform your space with our innovative structural glazing solutions that provide unobstructed views and a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors.
  • Shutters and Blinds: Enhance both form and function with our carefully selected shutters and blinds, designed to complement our glazing products.

Offering a friendly and professional approach

We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional approach, placing a premium on transparent communication and accessible luxury. Our dedicated teams work closely with architects, designers, and homeowners to ensure that every project reflects the client’s vision and meets their performance requirements. From concept to execution, we merge expertise with innovation to create stunning, energy-efficient spaces.

Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.
Alvar Aalto

Why Choose The Belgravia Group as a windows and doors company?

Comprehensive Product Range
We offer a wide variety of products, including timber, aluminium, and structural glazing. Combined with our expertise in building work, we are a one-stop shop for homeowners looking for seamless integration of design and functionality.

End-to-End Service
From the initial consultation to final installation, we manage the entire process in-house. Our team provides expert technical advice, helps with product specification, and oversees detailed product design and project management, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Exceptional Post-Install Support
Our commitment to you doesn’t end after installation. Our dedicated customer service team is on hand to quickly resolve any post-installation issues, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Visiting our showroom
Experience our products first hand by visiting The Belgravia Group’s showroom. Here, you can explore a variety of glazing options and see how different materials, designs, and finishes can enhance your project. Our showroom appointments offer a personalised, one-on-one experience with a knowledgeable team member who will guide you through our product offerings and help you make informed decisions.

Book an Appointment with our team

We are committed to providing a tailored experience for each visitor. To ensure you receive the personalised attention you deserve, our showroom visits are available by appointment only. Contact us to schedule your visit and embark on a creative journey where your ideas meet our expertise.

We look forward to partnering with you to create beautiful, functional spaces that stand the test of time. Welcome to The Belgravia Group – where your vision becomes our mission.

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