Why Choose Sliding Glass Doors?

Regardless of style, sliding glass doors optimise natural light ingress while providing energy-efficient solutions to fulfil contemporary performance needs.

Sliding glass doors offer numerous benefits, particularly for upscale properties seeking to seamlessly blend elegance and practicality. Among these advantages are:

Amplified Natural Light Ingress
Slim framed sliding glass doors efficiently usher in abundant natural light, illuminating interiors and fostering a luminous, welcoming ambiance. This advantage elevates the aesthetic appeal of the property while achieving the project’s desired thermal performance.

Improved Thermal Performance
With triple glazed panes and highly engineered thermal breaks, sliding glass doors provide exceptional thermal insulation and energy efficiency, effectively reducing both heat transfer and loss. This guarantees a consistently comfortable indoor climate year-round, not only decreasing energy usage but also enhancing the property’s sustainability by reducing its environmental footprint.

Indoor-Outdoor Living Design
Featuring extremely low and even fully flush thresholds, sliding glass doors blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor living areas, facilitating a seamless flow from interiors to exteriors and vice versa. This configuration enhances panoramic views and elevates the overall living ambiance, offering a compelling choice for properties that value a profound connection with nature and their surroundings.

Visual Appeal
With their refined and sleek look, sliding glass doors enhance the architectural allure of contemporary properties while infusing a dash of modernity into traditional builds. Designed with minimalist finishes and near imperceptible sightlines, these doors effortlessly blend with various interior and exterior finishes, achieving a sophisticated aesthetic in any architectural style.

Glass size is another critical factor in the specification process. While glazing can typically be customised to fit nearly any size requirement, larger panels may necessitate additional support to withstand higher than average wind loads. Depending on the climate, double or triple glazing may be chosen to optimise thermal performance.

Additionally, the colour of the glass is a significant consideration, as it is influenced by the size of the glazing and its thickness. Low iron glass, lacking the green tint of clear glass, may be preferred for its enhanced clarity and transparency, particularly when viewing through the glass is a priority.

Most Popular Types of Sliding Glass Door

Selecting the ideal configuration for sliding glass doors entails careful consideration of the available options, guaranteeing that the chosen system seamlessly aligns with both design preferences and performance requirements. This section explores different types of glass sliding door systems, each offering a unique set of features and benefits.

Aluminium Framed Sliding Glass Doors
Aluminium is a resilient, durable frame material for a wide variety of designs and climates. Its sturdy composition allows for the integration of larger glass panels and slimmer frames, providing expansive views and a contemporary appearance. Additionally, aluminium sliding doors demonstrate excellent thermal efficiency and are available in a wide range of PPC RAL colours and finishes, accommodating diverse design preferences.

Timber Framed Sliding Glass Doors
With their ability to be customised to fit various architectural styles, timber framed sliding doors offer versatility and timeless elegance.

The inherent beauty of timber allows for the creation of elegant frames that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any space. Additionally, timber’s excellent insulating properties contribute to a build’s overall energy efficiency, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. From rich, dark finishes to light, airy tones, timber framed sliding glass doors offer a wide range of design possibilities, making them a favoured choice for those seeking both natural aesthetics and contemporary levels of functionality.

Slim Sliding Glass Doors
Regardless of frame material, slim framed sliding glass doors offer a blend of functionality and aesthetics, with their minimalist appearance being a standout feature. Their sleek design creates clean lines and a modern aesthetic that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The slim frames allow for maximum visibility of the surrounding environment, providing uninterrupted views and enhancing the feeling of openness and spaciousness.

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