What is Low Iron Glass?

Low iron glass, often known as extra-clear or ultra-clear glass, is a type of glass with lower iron content compared to standard ‘clear glass’. In most types of glass, iron naturally occurs in the base materials, imparting a greenish tint to the glass when it is thicker or viewed from certain angles.

The glass is manufactured by either using raw materials with reduced iron content or by removing iron impurities during the glass-making process. This results in glass that is clearer and more transparent, allowing greater transmission of natural light through the glazing design without the typical greenish tint associated with conventional ‘clear glass’.

This glass is the preferred option for applications where colour accuracy and optical clarity are paramount. It finds frequent use in architectural projects requiring high levels of transparency, such as structural glass windows, glass facades, and exhibition cases. Additionally, it is employed in solar panels, aquariums, photographic equipment, and other situations where maintaining an object’s true colour and clarity is essential.

Standard Glass

Standard glass or “clear glass” is composed of raw materials like sand and naturally contains traces of iron. Iron oxide, inherent in these materials or introduced during the heating process in the furnace, imparts a subtle greenish tint to the glass. While this tint is usually imperceptible in typical glazing applications, it becomes more pronounced in architectural glass installations that require thicker glass panels.

How is Low Iron Glass Made?

Low-iron glass is created by reducing the iron content in the molten glass mixture, resulting in a product that lacks the greenish tint of standard glass, offering greater clarity. In fact, reducing the iron content can increase light transmission by 5% to 6%. With internal light transmission levels reaching up to 91%, glass that is low in iron stands as the clearest available building material.

It is the preferred choice for glass elements requiring exceptional clarity or transparency. It is particularly well-suited for projects involving thicker glass constructions, such as triple-glazed units in structurally bonded glass doors.

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